Ribbon Fern or Cretan Brake Fern: How to Plant and Care

cretan brake fern

Known for its eye-catching and attractive leaves, the ribbon fern (scientific name: Pteris cretica) is a perennial ornamental plant that has gained popularity in indoor landscaping and plant collections around the world. Originating from Central and South America, this is a versatile and easy-to-grow species. Keep reading, because further down we’ll explore the characteristics, curiosities, … Read more

Impacts and Uses of Azolla in Agriculture

Azolla – featured image

Azolla (mosquito fern) is not only a plant that beautifies aquatic environments, but it also revolutionizes agricultural and food practices. This species has a history dating back to 540 B.C., when it was used as green manure in Asia. Today, this small aquatic plant plays a crucial role in agriculture, especially in rice cultivation, significantly … Read more

Monarch Fern – How to Care and Propagate

Monarch Fern – featured image

The monarch fern (Microsorum scolopendria) is a plant that has gained prominence over the years, especially in Hawaii, where it’s used for decorations, perfumes, medicinal purposes, etc. Despite its fame, it’s not native to Hawaii. Microsorum scolopendria is naturally found in the wild areas along the west coast of the Pacific, ranging from Australia to … Read more