Spiral Cactus – Photos and How to Care

Spiral Cactus – featured image

The spiral cactus, scientifically known as Cereus peruvianus ‘spiralis’, features a spiral growth that sets it apart from other plants. Continue reading, because in this article you will see several pictures of this plant, curiosities, and essential tips for its cultivation. Characteristics and Curiosities of the Plant The spiral cactus is native to Peru, which … Read more

Fishbone Cactus (Selenicereus anthonyanus) – Care Guide

Fishbone Cactus – featured image

Today, we are going to talk about Selenicereus anthonyanus, commonly known as the fishbone cactus. Originating from the warm lands of southern Mexico, this cactus species stands out from the standard cactus stereotype (see image below). Keep reading because in this article, you will learn more about the characteristics, curiosities, and how to take care … Read more

Monkey Tail Cactus: How to Care and Propagate

Monkey tail cactus – featured image

The Monkey Tail Cactus is a plant native to regions of Mexico and the southwestern United States. This cactus, also known as Hildewintera colademononis or Cleistocactus Colademononis, stands out especially for its striking appearance. With its stems resembling a monkey’s tail and vibrant red flowers, the Monkey Tail Cactus is a great plant to have … Read more