Manacá: How to Care and Make Seedlings (With Photos)

Manacá – featured image

The Manacá (Brunfelsia uniflora) is a native plant from South America, notable for its color-changing flowers and pleasant aroma. Its flowers bloom in shades of purple/blue and gradually change to white. The gentle and pleasant aroma of Manacá is another distinctive feature, which intensifies during the night and early morning hours. In terms of cultivation, … Read more

Blue Ginger: Properties, Care, and How to Propagate

Various plants – blue ginger

The blue ginger (Dichorisandra thyrsiflora) is a plant native to southeastern Brazil that belongs to the Commelinaceae family and adapts particularly well to tropical environments. The leaves of this plant are broad and shiny, complementing the striking blue flowers that form. Being a popular choice for decoration in home gardens and public places, blue ginger … Read more

Meet the Ghost Orchid: Its History and Characteristics

dendrophylax lindenii

The Ghost Orchid (Formerly classified as Dendrophylax lindenii, now classified as Polyrrhiza lindenii) is yet another orchid that stands out due to the shape of its flowers. Found in the humid and dense tropical forests of Cuba and the swampy woods of southern Florida, this plant owes its nickname both to its appearance and its … Read more