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I can think of some topics you might want to get in touch with me about. So, below I’ll leave some information to make our conversation more productive 😀

If you want to write for us – know that we accept guest posts and will be happy to publish your text on our site. So, send a message to request more information, we have some rules to ensure the quality of the content and also for the site that will be promoted.

If you want to promote your products with us – get in touch and provide us with more information about your product and the form of promotion you desire.

Do you have any doubts about plants – in this case, I ask you to look through the articles we have published on our site. If you find a related text but it doesn’t answer your question, leave a comment on the article. If you don’t find any article, please send me an email telling me about your question, as I might write a blog post based on your query.

Do you want to buy plants or hire me as a gardener or consultant – in this case, unfortunately, I can’t currently help you, as I don’t work with those services.

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