If you are reading this page, it’s likely that you have explored some of our articles and become interested in the history of our site. I sincerely appreciate your interest.

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It’s a pleasure to meet you, my name is Thiago, I have been writing about plants since 2017, and I am a teacher to over 17,000 orchid growers.

Below, you will find a summary of our site’s journey.

Site History

Planticulous.com made its online presence in February 2024, but our journey began in 2017 with the creation of OrquideasTV, a Portuguese-language blog dedicated to the dissemination of high-quality content about orchids on the internet.

2017 OrquideasTV was created with the mission of enriching the internet with valuable information about orchids.

2018 We inaugurated OrquideasBlog.com, continuing our mission to publish comprehensive content about orchids.

2019 We launched the first edition of the “Manual Descomplicando o Cultivo de Orquídeas”, and we also expanded our content production on OrquideasBlog.

2020 With the arrival of the pandemic, OrquideasBlog.com became one of the main orchid blogs in Latin America, and the “Manual Descomplicando o Cultivo de Orquídeas” won over 13,000 growers. As a result, we created our first Spanish-language blog, OrquiWeb.com.

2021 We launched the “Manual Simplificando El Cultivo de Orquídeas” in Spanish, which was successful among Spanish-speaking orchid growers. We also began the production of a physical book in Portuguese, which led us to temporarily pause digital content production.

2022 The book “Descomplicando o Cultivo de Orquídeas” was released, receiving numerous praises and thanks from the first readers.

2023 The book became a success among growers, and we decided to revitalize our blogs, expanding our focus to include other plants and languages, giving rise to Ocultivador.com (Portuguese blog), Crecerplantas.com (Spanish blog), and HurtledTo60.com (English blog).

2024 We made the decision to change the name from HurtledTo60.com to Planticulous.com, as the latter was more related to the theme covered on our site.

Content Publishing

Our commitment is to offer complete articles, enjoyable and direct reading, that delve deeper into the subject matter to provide the reader with satisfaction and learning.

We incorporate the help of Artificial Intelligences in the drafting of new articles, aiming for clearer and error-free writing. However, all stages of content production are meticulously reviewed by people.

Our Goals

Planticulous.com aspires to become a reliable source of information for millions of growers who seek to learn about cultivating their plants.

As of this date, 20/03/2024, we have made available approximately 115 articles, but we aim to expand our library to include thousands of detailed and illustrated texts.

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